EGIT 549: Special Topics in Management II (Semester 1/2016)

(Social and Legal Informatics: สารสนเทศทางสังคมศาสตร์และนิติศาสตร์)

Description This course will provide overview of database system and its further extension including:
  • Social Informatics fundamental
  • Adoption and use of digital tools, digital divide, online communities
  • Digital privacy,digital crime; cyber-law, ethics
  • The open source movement, free speech in cyberspace
  • Social computational features
  • Intended and unintended consequences
  • Characterize important trends in information technology and Social Informatics
  • Review and evaluate ethical principles
  • A number of complex ethical problems created by information technology
  • Philosophy of law and Legal System
  • ICT law and related laws
  • Inteliigence legal and judicial system
  • Various case study Legal Informatics and Societical ICT Law

[SOC]A Gift of Fire: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing Technology by Sara Base

[LEG]Educating the Digital Lawyer by Oliver Goodenough and Mark Lauritsen

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Tentative Course Schedule
Week Date Lectures Objective Materials Reading / Discussion Remark
1 Sat 27-Aug 2016 • Course Introduction
• Introduction to Social Informatics
• Define the field of social informatics.
• Discuss why it is important to study and understand Social Informatics.
Wk01-Intro [ppt][pdf]
What is Social Informatics and why does it Matter
Discussion 1:Pokemon Go [1][2][3][4]
(You can find any extra articles to support your talks)
2 Sat 3-Sep 2016 Social Informatics: Principles,
Theory, and Practice
• Explain the field of social informatics “(the interdisciplinary study of the design, uses and consequences of information technologies that takes into account their interaction with institutional and cultural contexts”) and construct research questions that fall within the framework of this definition. Wk02-Soc Principles
[ppt] [pdf]
Social Informatics: Principles. Theory, and Practice
Discussion 2: Social Network and Authority [1] [2]
3 Sat 10-Sep 2016 Unwrapping the Gift
•Rapid Pace of Change
•New Developments and Dramatic Impacts
•Issues and Themes
A Gift of Fire-Chapter 1
Discussion 3: Positive Rights vs Negative Rights [1]
4 Sat 17-Sep 2016 Privacy & Freedom of Speech
•Privacy and Computer Technology
•“Big Brother is Watching You”
•Privacy Topics
•Protecting Privacy
•Changing Communication Paradigms
•Controlling Offensive Speech
•Censorship on the Global Net
•Political Campaign Regulations in Cyberspace
•Protecting Access and Innovation: Net Neutrality or De-regulation?
[ppt] [pdf]
A Gift of Fire-Chapter 2-3
Discussion 4: Provided in the presentation
5 Sat 24-Sep 2016 Intellectual Property & Crime
•Intellectual Property and Changing Technology
•Copyright Law and Significant Cases
•Copying and Sharing
•Search Engines and Online Libraries
•Free-Speech Issues
•Free Software
•Issues for Software Developers
•Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud
•Scams and Forgery
•Crime Fighting Versus Privacy and Civil Liberties
•Laws That Rule the Web
[ppt] [pdf]
A Gift of Fire-Chapter 4-5
Discussion 5: Cybercrime Trends 2016
6 Sat 1-Oct 2016 Impact of Technology to People Performance in Public Space Phone-in from England (Aj. Rubkwan)     Assign Research Topic#1
7 Sat 8-Oct 2016

Work & Evaluating and Controlling Technology

•Fears and Questions
•The Impact on Employment
•The Work Environment
•Employee Crime
•Employee Monitoring
•Information, Knowledge, and Judgment
•Computers and Community
•The ‘Digital Divide’
•Evaluations of the Impact of Computer Technology
•Making Decisions About Technology
A Gift of Fire-Chapter 6-7
Discussion 6: Employment Transformation
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
8 Sat 15-Oct 2016

Professional Ethics and Responsibilities

•What is Professional Ethics?
•Ethical Guidelines for Computer Professionals
A Gift of Fire-Chapter 9  
9 Sat 22-Oct 2016 Research Presentation I   Wk09-Present1  
  Sat 29-Oct 2016 (KOREA)      
10 Sat 5-Nov 2016          
11 Sat 12-Nov 2016 Introduction to Legal Science,
Legal System, and Legal positivism
• Refreshment in Law
• Common Law and Civil LawLegal System
• Philosophy of law
12 Sat 19-Nov 2016 ICT Law and Crime • Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law
• Computer and ICT Law
Wk12-ICT Crime
[ppt] [pdf]
13 Sat 26-Nov 2016 IT Law in the Framework
of Legal Informatics

Lawyering in an age of intelligence

Aritificial Intelligence Application in
Law and Legislative
• Legal Informatics related to IT Law
• Legal System Management
• Interaction Rules and Tools
• Elements of Digital Lawyers
• Related Technologies
• Introduce various research perspective in Intelligence Legal System
Wk13-Disruptive Technology in Legal Process
[ppt] [pdf]
IT Law in the Framework of Legal Informatics (Peter Seipel)

Educating Digital Lawyer Chater 1, 2, 5
Assign Research Topic#2
  Sat 3-Dec 2016 (Father Day)        
14 Sat 10-Dec 2016 Trends in ICT Law and Legal Informatics • Various case study in Legal Informatics and Societical ICT Law Wk14-Law Trends TBA Assign Take-home Exam
15 Sat 17-Dec 2016 Research Presentation II Wk15-Present2


Grades will be based on points earned from examination, presentation, and attendance as follows:

Discussion 20%
Research Presentation-1 30% Writing-15%
Research Presentation-2 30% Writing-15%
Take-home Final Exam 20%
Total 100%